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Aalborg water front

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Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center - AKKC

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Touch of closeness – maintaining social connectedness

Welcome to the 9th DbI European conference on Deafblindness in Denmark

At the final plenary of the 8th DbI European conference on Deafblindness in Lille 2013, the main conclusion was that the two “sides of deafblindness” need to interact and learn more of each other.

There is a need to look at the commonalities across deafblindness and to relate the knowledge of acquired deafblindness and congenital deafblindness to each other in such a way that one completes the other.

In planning this conference we have collaborated with ADBN to deal with this duality. The conference will reflect this exciting interaction. We anticipate in holding a conference of high quality and of relevance to parents, people living with deafblindness and professionals of both acquired and congenital deafblindness.

Welcome to the 9th DbI European conference on Deafblindness in Denmark!

Pre-conferences take place: September 3-4 2017.
9th DbI European conference takes place:September 5-8 2017.

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