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Smiling child with congenital deafblindness

Aalborg water front

Smiling young man with congenital deafblindness

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center - AKKC

Person with acquired deafblindness climbing a wall

Local Planning Committee

The Local Planning Committee organizes everything about the conference but the professional content.

Lars Ejsing Søbye
Country: Denmark 
Mail: laejs@rn.dk
Phone: +45 97 64 72 10


Line of work: Principal at the Centre for Deafblindness and Hearing Loss (CDH)

Experiences: Since 1981 I have worked with people with hearing loss. I have been a teacher for the deaf for several years. Regarding the professional field of congenital deafblindness, I have trained staff at the CDH, primarily in sign language. In 1992 I became leader of the school department at the CDH and since 2002 I have been principal at the CDH.   

Special focus right now: Expanding the Nordic as well as the international network and cooperation in order to strengthen the unity and the sharing of knowledge across the borders.



Maria Creutz 
Country: Sweden 
Mail: maria.creutz@nordicwelfare.org
Phone: +46 (0 )73 51 72 03 1 



Line of work: Consultant in deafblind issues at Nordic Welfare Centre (NVC). 

Experiences: Social service to people with congenital deafblindness, staff training, management in organisations who are providing service to people with congenital deafblindness (1989 - ).     


Else Marie Jensen
Country: Denmark
Mail: EMJ@cfd.dk
Phone: +45 21 63 59 19


Line of work: Counselling people with aquired deafblindness, their families and other proffesionnels, at the CFD.

Experience: I have been working as a deafblind consultant for people with aquired deafblindness for many years. I have also been a member of the Aquired Deafblind Network for about ten years, and has organized the ADBN conference in Denmark  in 2010. 

Special focus right now: Running three different network groups for people with aquired deafblindness. She’s aslo involved in different projects, at the monent one about creating awerness about Usher 2. 


Trine Skov Uldall
Country: Denmark
Mail: tul@socialstyrelsen.dk
Phone:  +45 41730846



Line of work: Consultant, The National Board of Social Services. 

Experiences: my education is occupational therapy and project management. Since 2008 I have worked in field of deafblindness. From 2008-2011 I have worked as a deafblind consultant for people with acquired deafblindness at The Center for the Deaf (now CDf). In 2011 I started as an area consultant on acquired deafblindness at The National Board of Social Services, where I since January 2016 have managed both acquired and congenital deafblindness.

Special focus right now: The importance of documenting good practice, attending to professional networks in the area of deafblindness, facilitating exchange of knowledge in the field of deafblindness. 

Helle Buelund Selling
Country: Denmark Mail: helle.buelund@rn.dk
Phone: +45 97 64 72 27



Line of work: Consultant, staff development, assessment, congenital deafblindness.

Experience: I started from scratch in October 2000 at the Centre for Deafblindness and Hearing Loss in a living unit for adults with congenital deafblindness. My background was a bachelor degree in Communication from Aalborg University and a great interest in different manners to communicate when communication is asymmetric and challenged. During my work in the living unit I studied special pedagogies and neuropsychology at the local University Collage in Aalborg. When I got my degree I changed department and started in April 2008 as a consultant in the national advisory service for children and adults with deafblindness in DK. My special focus is staff development, and when joining the master program in Groningen, NL, my master thesis was on the transfer process from knowledge to action.

Special focus right now: Staff development is always one of my special focuses, and being a member of a Nordic working group on the Nordic Curriculum I´m very focused on our working process towards a dynamic and up to date curriculum for staff development in the Nordic countries. Tactile linguality is one of my other focuses – I think we need to learn much more about how people with congenital deafblindness express themselves and we need to learn how to read their bodily expressions in a linguistic code in order to meet them in an equal and respectful manner.