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Aalborg water front

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Smiling child with congenital deafblindness

Aalborg water front

Smiling young man with congenital deafblindness

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center - AKKC

Person with acquired deafblindness climbing a wall

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee plans the professional content of the conference. 

Jude Nicholas
Country: Norway
Mail: jude.nicholas@statped.no
Phone: + 47 91 60 12 84


Chair of the Scientific Committee.

Jude Nicholas is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist attached at Haukeland University Hospital and at Statped Vest center for special needs education in Bergen, Norway.

He has some 20 years of clinical and research experience working with children and adults with sensory impairment, including persons with congenital and acquired deafblindness.  He has a longstanding interest in syndromes with sensory impairments, and his current research investigates the neuropsychological functions of tactile cognitions, particularly concerning persons with deafblindness. 

Henriette Hermann Olesen 
Country: Denmark
Phone: +45 25 53 26 23


Vice chair of the Scientific Committee.

Since 1995 Henriette Hermann Olesen has worked with people with congenital deafblindness, she has trained staffmembers, been a consultant for parents and staffmembers, and worked at the Nordic centre of competence of deafblindness. She is also a member of the DbI Board.

Her special focus is to make a fantastic conference that combines the knowledge of acquired and congenital deafblindness across borders. Her special focus is always on how to collect, develop and spread knowledge.

Else Marie Jensen 
Country: Denmark
Mail: EMJ@cfd.dk
Phone: +45 21 63 59 19


Else Marie Jensen has been working as a deafblind consultant for people with aquired deafblindness for many years. She has also been a member of the Aquired Deafblind Network for about ten years and she has organized the ADBN conference in Denmark in 2010.

Her daily work is counselling people with aquired deafblindness, their families and other professionals.

She’s running three different network groups for people with aquired deafblindness. She’s aslo involved in different projects, at the moment one about creating awerness about Usher 2. 

Kari Schøll Brede
Country: Norway
Mail: kari.s.brede@eikholt.no
Phone: +47 95 07 39 03


Kari Schøll Brede works as a supervisor at Eikholt National Resource Centre for the Deafblind, www.eikholt.no

Tactile communication and congenital deafblindness are the main topics at work, and outdoor activities with persons with deafblindness is one of the main interests.

She is a mother of a dual sensory impaired young woman.

Kari Schøll Brede is trained as an interpreter for the deaf and the deafblind and has practice and education from the field of congenital deafblindness, including Master of Science from the University of Groningen.

Stefan Wiik
Country: Sweden
Mail: stefan.wiik@soderhamn.com
Phone: +46 70 52 05 34 9 


Stefan Wiik is the father of a deafblind son (1993- ), and since 1996 he has been involved in the Swedish Deafblind Society as a member of the Swedish Deafblind Associations Council for parents.

Liz Duncan 
Country: England 
Mail: lizduncan64@yahoo.co.uk
Phone: +44 7591 105448 


Liz Duncan has over 20 years of experience in the field of Acquired Deafblindness, working with a very wide range of people and organisations, from individuals, other professional professionals through to Government departments, where she has contributed to policy and practise development nationally.

Liz has worked internationally, delivering training programmes, supporting practise development and advising NGO's and Governments. She has contributed to the Deafblind Studies Programme in the U.K. as a writer, Tutor and Mentor and is now working as a Freelance Consultant.

Liz has been involved in the international Acquired Deafblindness network since its beginnings and has Chaired the Network since 2011.

Trees Van Nunen
Country: The Netherlands
Mail: t.vannunen@kentalis.nl 
Phone: +31 61 27 17 76 8 


Trees van Nunen is working at the Deafblindness Centre of Excellence of Royal Dutch Kentalis in the Netherlands. She is working here as a psychologist of the Diagnostic Team. Additionally, she is a specialist of Deafblindness and National Knowledge Coordinator Deafblindness within Kentalis. For Kentalis International Foundation she was involved in training programs in the field of deafblindness in Uganda and Ethiopia.

Trees van Nunen was a member of the Scientific Committee of the 7th DbI European Conference 2009 in Italy.

Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS) has her special interest. Together with colleagues of Bartiméus and Kentalis she developed a Health Watch Program to monitor late manifestations. She is still working on this topic and developed an inventory to analyze systematically psychological files of people with CRS with regard to behavioural problems. In 2014 she started collaborating with her colleagues from Norway on the topic of Tactile Working Memory. 


Nadja Högner 
Country: Germany
Mail: nadja.hoegner@hu-berlin.de
Phone: +49 30/20 93 44 09 


Dr. Nadja Högner, studies in educational sciences of the blind, visually impaired, deaf and hearing impaired. Since 2009 she has been a research assistant in the Department of Education and Rehabilitation of Low Vision at the Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany, dissertation about stress in individuals with Usher syndrome. Nadja Högner is also deputy chair of the German self-help association "Living with Usher Syndrome e. V.", of the Usher Network of DbI, of the Marie-Louise Geissler foundation for conducting research into new treatment methods in ophthalmology and the Fiebig foundation, research in themes of dual sensory impairment/deafblindess and technologies for people with low vision. 

Linda Eriksson
Country: Sweden
Mail: linda@fsdb.org 
Phone: +46 76 13 67 61 4 (textmessages only)


Linda Erikson is working as a pedagogue at the National Resource Center for Deafblindness (NKCdb). 
Experiences:  I have deafblindness myself. I have been  the vice president of the Association of the Swedish Deafblind (FSDB) since 2008, and I have a BA degree in sign language. I have earlier worked as a teacher at the sign language interpreter and deafblind interpreter training for many years, I have attended the DbI World Conference 2003 in Toronto, Canada, and in 2011 in Sao Paolo, Brazil, as well as the DbI European Conference 2009 in Senigallia, Italy.
I have been a member of the Scientific Committee of the DbI European Conference 2013 in Lille, France.

Special focus right now : I´m working on defining or describing the specific conditions of communication and deafblindness. I´m also working to develop the web based digital material about social haptic communication. And I´m following and lobbying the government report of the interpreter service.