Tactile language spoken

Aalborg water front

Aalborg Music House

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center - AKKC

Smiling child with congenital deafblindness

Aalborg water front

Smiling young man with congenital deafblindness

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center - AKKC

Person with acquired deafblindness climbing a wall


In order to organize and effectuate a professional conference the Secretariat works for the Local Planning Committee, the Scientific Committee as well as cooperates with the DbI Secretariat.


Helle Buelund Selling

Consultant at the CDH, contact to the Secretariat



Anne Søbye

Consultant at the CDH


Jytte Olsen

Secretary, DbI 2017 Denmark Secretariat


Jens Teisen

Planner at the Special Care Sector, North Denmark Region