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Programme for the Great Debate at the 9th DbI European Conference

Thursday, September 7th, 2017, at 11:00-13:00


Ethics, Economy and Human Rights

- the Great Debate


The target for this event is to bring politicians on different levels, board members, headmasters, CEO´s and members of organizations together and talk about how ethics and economy merge.
The concept will be a 2 hours session with three 15 min. reflective presentations from different perspectives followed by a panel and a plenary debate.

How do ethics and economy merge – A political perspective of a stronger teamwork between human rights and economy.


Ethics: Britta Kusk Nørgaard

Human rights: Richard Hawkes

Economy: Knud Aarup

Moderator: Jonas Bergström

Place: Room W3/Musiksalen.

The debate will be initiated by a panel and open up to a plenary discussion. We hope that this important issue will be met by interest.



Britta Nørgaard is ass.prof. at University College Nordjylland. Britta Nørgaard works in the field of social education and her focus is on the professional encounter and meeting, especially in the field of disabilities. Britta has published articles on e.g. Axel Honneth, Emmanuel Lévinas, ethics and the concept of being professional, about care  and her ph.d. has the title:‘Absence of recognition’ and the ‘art of attention’ – a phenomenological investigation of the meetings between adults with intellectual disability and professional social and care workers.



Richard Hawkes joined British Asian Trust  - one of Prince Charles's charities that works across South Asia supporting people out of poverty  - in 2015 after having held a range of senior roles in the UK and international not-for-profit sector for more than 20 years.

Richard was the founding Chief Executive of Sense International. During this time, Richard was also very active within Deafblind International, serving as DbI Secretary for more than five years.

Richard has also worked for the United Nations and is a former National Secretary of the National Union of Students. He has held a number of senior sector and non-executive roles and is currently also Chair of Motivation, an international disability NGO, and works as an adviser to a range of other organisations, individuals and sector bodies.



Today Knud Aarup calls himself independent agent for the development of the welfare society. He is chairman of the Board of the Danish Social Welfare Society (the Danish member of ICSW) and chairman of the Board of local Red Cross Branch in Aarhus, Denmark. He holds an MA in political science and in social science. He is former CEO of the Danish National Board of Social Services and has previously work as CEO for Employment and Social Services in one of the largest cities in Denmark. He is engaged in public debate on social welfare in Denmark and author of books on the subject.


Jonas Bergström is Manager of the Disability Unit at Nordic Welfare Centre. Jonas Bergström earned his PhD at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden. Before joining the Nordic Welfare Centre he served as the national focal point for questions regarding people with deafblindness and rare diseases at the National Board of Health and Welfare in Sweden, a governmental agency working within the areas of social services, health and medical services. He represented Sweden in the European Commission Expert Group on Rare Diseases between 2014-2016.

PROGRAMME The Great Debate September 7, 2017 (pdf opens)
PROGRAMME The Great Debate September 7, 2017 (WORD document opens)