Tactile language spoken

Aalborg water front

Aalborg Music House

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center - AKKC

Smiling child with congenital deafblindness

Aalborg water front

Smiling young man with congenital deafblindness

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center - AKKC

Person with acquired deafblindness climbing a wall

Workshop session 2: Tuesday September 5, 

2.1: Threepart cenversation: A multidisciplinary project from CDH (pdf opens)

2.2: To live with PHARC -  A novel complex causing acquired deafblindness (pdf opens)

2.3: Friends from the wild: Developing relationships througt ongoing outdoor activities (pdf opens)

2.4: CHARGE and working on social connectedness - a big challenge (pdf opens)

2.5: Cross cultural diaglogu with DB persons ind Africa: Towards social connesctedness (pdf opens) CANCELLED

2.6: Fun chi: Adapting tai chi for self-regulation and relaxation (pdf opens)

2.7: Innovative usus of technology with young people with sensory impariments CANCELLED

2.8: Social inclusion through empowerment CANCELLED

2.9: Acquired deafblindness in Ethiopia and its coping strategy: The case of three women with acquired deafblindness (pdf opens)